"My kids loved you and It was an amazing experience, Gauteng can be proud to have a dentist like yourself!Keep it up Dr Botha"

"You are the best by faaaaaaar, amazing safety rules that you apply"

"Dr Botha practiced everything to avoid possible infection. Absolutely everything possible, wow.

"In the comfort of your own home, kids loooooooved her"

"Dr you are absolutely brilliant and I would recommend you to anyone"

Daniella is amazing! Such a brilliant idea! Kids loved her and she was so good with them, big mission to try get all 5 kids to the dentist for a check up. Usually have to take them at different times..

"Thank you Dr Botha for making my sons first dentist experience a pleasant and pain free one. The fact you come to our home already made him feel at ease and you were just wonderful with him. He absolutely loved you and when it comes time again I’m sure he will be happy for you to come visit again!"

"Thank-you so much Daniella.
We were both amazed with your professional service today.
(Name of patient 
omitted for privacy) loved your visit and she could not stop smiling once you had left"

"Daniella is the most caring dentist I've ever met.
I've never experienced a dentist following up with a patient until now.

Having a dentist who can perform home visits during lockdown has been a life saver for people (at high risk) who could not leave their homes.

I would highly recommend Ivori Dentistry!"

Massive thanks to Daniella! We had such an awesome and friendly family dental visit. Our family felt so comfortable and at ease. As my son Joshua would say,”Easy Peezy, Lemon Squeezy”. Simply the best - and in the comfort of our own home! We will definitely recommend Daniella to our family and friends.

Dr Botha is phenomenal. She is a travelling dentist and came to our home. All the way out on the farm!!!! I saw her advertise on a Fourways group and I got in touch with her immediately.

Kane was scared. He thought it was going to hurt. He had a cavity and he had visions of drilling and well, just plain chaos going on in his mouth.

Daniella was just amazing. She calmed Kane, explained everything to him in detail and really took the time to get him comfortable. No rush, no pressure. Just calm. Kane had his cavity filled and was as proud as can be. 2 days later, he still talks about the dentist lady...... Mommy, she is so much fun and she is so kind. Big difference from... Mommy I'm scared!

Cuzzy Gabi was excited to see the "Denta". She lay still for a little while, but her busy body self got busy again and well, left. Lol. But just long enough for Daniella to check everything out.

She also saw Kane snr and had honest, cost effective recommendations for him. She puts patients first.

Couldn't be happier to have met this Dentist. Definitely a recommended service provider.

My 3 year old son had his very first dental appointment with Daniella and what an amazing experience. Not only did we have his teeth checked and polished but my husband and I both had our teeth cleaned... all in the comfort of our home. Thank you so much for your professional and friendliness. Highly recommend IVORI dentistry - Home visit Dentists

We just had the most wonderful morning with Dr Daniella Botha. My daughter had two cavities and has been petrified to go see a dentist. After this morning she now has NO fear whatsoever and is so super happy with her ‘fixed teeth’. Thank you Daniella, for your amazing service and wonderful company. I can’t recommend you enough! You are phenomenal!

Would highly recommend Dr Daniella Botha.

She is warm, gentle and friendly and my kids absolutely loved her and the experience.

They had a check and clean all in the comfort of their home!

Thank you for everything, you are wonderful

Thanks Daniella for excellent service this afternoon. Everyone is forcing a smile around here just to show off their sparkling teeth. 

Most amazing experience for my little ones 
Thank you so so much!

Dr Botha came to our home and did some work for myself, my husband, and our 6yr old son. It was our son’s first time and he was scared. She was bubbly and he eased up straight away. Dr Botha was thorough and so gentle with our son. I can not recommend her enough! Her equipment was all sterilized and she had her mask on the entire time. We all had our own individual sterilized bags with our own equipment. She was professional and generally awesome!

Brilliant experience and what a great concept! I have been putting off seeing a dentist for years (never have time) This was perfect! Dr Botha is brilliant, pricing is fair and the whole concept just makes sense. She also saw my 7 year old son... his first dentist visit and the whole experience was just great. Thank you Dr Botha. We HIGHLY recommend this service.

Daniella has an incredible bedside manner and is particularly understanding and good at putting kids and nervous patients at ease. she was also very informative and open about all options and costs. Very happy with our family's first visit and will be doing follow up fillings and some other work with her too. Highly recommended.

Sound on :-)